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A Basis in Truth

Our global society is increasingly being defined as rudderless. Thus, there has never been a more poignant time for clarity, accuracy and direction for emerging leaders. The scriptures remind us “…not to be children in our thinking.”

Phoenix Seminary crafts men and women for ministry with the needed foundational tools so that, as pastors, missionaries, and counselors, they can carry out their biblical calling and significantly impact the world through the Church on its mission.

The Skills to Learn and Lead

Phoenix Seminary will skillfully guide you to wisely navigate any area of calling or interest. We do not set out to answer every question, but our faculty, staff, and curriculum will equip emerging Christian leaders with the language skills, interpretational methods, theological scaffolding, and chronicled historical background necessary for solving these questions on their own.

We believe theological education integrates biblical scholarship, practical ministry experience through local churches, and one-to-one character mentorship. We have recognized the importance of retaining professors and instructors who are well-published scholars, and yet are also ministry practitioners that give our students a rigorous, effective, holistic education. We augment this teaching by partnering with local churches to provide the hands-on skill development that simply doesn’t come from the classroom. As a result, our graduates are prepared to lead in the midst of challenging new cultural and ministry settings with a solid foundation of biblical understanding and ministry skill sets.

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