Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Phoenix Seminary is a nationally-recognized, graduate level theological seminary located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1988, Phoenix Seminary continues to be the only accredited graduate-level theological seminary with its main campus located in Arizona.

Our Vision

To excel in educating disciples whose minds, character and lives are shaped by the Word of God, who understand and communicate Scripture with skill and are committed to reaching the world for Christ.

Our Mission

To equip godly leaders to serve Jesus Christ effectively in a diverse and changing world by providing theological education with personal mentoring and ministry training in partnership with the local church.

Accomplishing our mission requires significant investment in the personal, professional and spiritual formation of individual students. With such a focus, Phoenix Seminary seeks to be an excellent, unique, and vital training community developing the Christian leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart.


At Phoenix Seminary, we believe excellence is a matter of mind and heart.

We balance academics with practice.

Phoenix Seminary faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for their academic expertise and years of practical ministry experience. Their goal is to teach students to think biblically, study and graduate fully prepared for ministry in the real world.

Students are involved in the systematic study of the Scriptures and historic biblical theology. They learn current theological viewpoints and positions on contemporary issues facing the church and our culture at large.

As a result, the courses are theologically rich and relevant to hands-on ministry today. Internships and ministry exposures, in partnership with local churches, give students real life opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom and further develop their God-given gifts and ministry skills.

We mentor our degree students.

Phoenix Seminary works closely with local churches to assist students in the development of godly character and ministry skills. Degree students are paired in a personalized mentoring relationship with a Seminary professor, pastor, or other leader in the local Christian community. Our mentoring program focuses on the student as an individual—on his or her unique needs, strengths, and goals.

These mentors help prepare our students to be leaders with integrity—leaders who recognize their calling to live exemplary lives among God’s people for His glory, and who know that such a calling requires purity and godly character.

We partner with local churches.

Phoenix Seminary partners with local churches throughout the Southwest in training and equipping students for real-life ministry. We utilize qualified local pastors as adjunct professors, and many pastors and church leaders are involved in our mentoring and internship programs.

Phoenix Seminary has taken the lead to support all evangelical churches in Arizona to reach the six million people in this state with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Together, Phoenix Seminary and the local church offer students an unparalleled opportunity to gain “hands on” experience in applying the timeless truth of God’s Word to practical, relevant ministry today.


Seminary in a Diverse World—Gender and Culture

Diversity is not just a twenty-first-century buzzword. It is an acknowledgment that American culture is of two genders and multiple origins, languages, races, colors, religions and cultures. Marginalization of female and minority voices has a long history in our nation, and ameliorating such marginalization is a primary task of education and Christian education in particular.

Part of the church’s mission is to proclaim the gospel to peoples of the earth. Phoenix Seminary acknowledges the importance of a biblical theology of “every tribe and language and people and nation.” This means reaching people-groups within our immediate culture and the varied cultures of the world. Crossing ethnic, gender, economic, social and racial boundaries to accomplish quality theological education is an intentional act of Phoenix Seminary.

To this end, Phoenix Seminary actively subscribes to a policy of equal education and employment opportunity for all people regardless of race, national origin, sex, age, marital status or disability. This policy is informed by Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Our subscription to this policy in no way compromises our freedom to engage in our educational mission in accordance with the religious and ecclesiastical purposes of this institution. We clearly desire to serve Christ-honoring students of all backgrounds in an ever-expanding and diverse student body, one whose diversity enriches us theologically, spiritually and pastorally.

Denominational Distinctives and Theological Diversity

We are an inter/multidenominational seminary serving primarily, though not exclusively, the evangelical community. This means that students from many backgrounds and faith groups are on campus for personal ministry preparation. Diversity of denominations/faith groups means diversity of opinions on theological and doctrinal matters. It is one of the strengths of an inter/multidenominational seminary that we can debate, respect and even enjoy theological diversity that can exist under the authority of the inspired Scriptures. Should a student feel that one’s denominational distinctives are being treated disrespectfully by faculty or other students, the Dean of Students will help generate conversations to create a respectful and supportive learning environment.