Institutional Policies

Students with Disabilities

Phoenix Seminary recognizes the gifts and calling to ministry of all students, including students with disabilities. The Seminary strives to honor and address the needs and concerns of its students with disabilities through this statement of program guidelines. The Seminary does not discriminate against applicants/students on the basis of an applicant/student’s disability(ies) as set forth in these Guidelines and as otherwise provided by law.

Phoenix Seminary is a privately funded, nonprofit, religious organization that is committed to providing reasonable accommodations within the limitations of Seminary resources. These Guidelines do not create contractual or other legally enforceable rights, or waive Phoenix Seminary’s rights or status under law.

An accommodation for a disability is designed to help the student function effectively in areas in which his or her disability might otherwise impair academic performance, without fundamentally altering the nature of the student’s classes. To receive disability consideration, a student must request accommodation and provide documentation supporting the nature and limitations of a disability. Accommodations cannot be granted unless the student provides documentation that reasonably supports the requested accommodation.

To apply for an accommodation for a disability, please contact Dr. Chip Moody, Dean of Students.