Training Leaders for His Church

We teach rigorously, mentor personally, and train practically, all for the future benefit of the church.

It was first century poet, Juvenal, that said, "All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price." To be adequately prepared to influence culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one must wholeheartedly commit to rigorous study in the interpretation of the biblical text.

At Phoenix Seminary, we are committed to scholarship at a high level. In an age of instant, we believe that preparation and scholarship are the best development tools for successful impact in culture. Therefore, we make no apology for the depth and detail of our study programs, including biblical languages and theological assiduity.

The vital elements of our academic programs consist of advanced studies in specific disciplines of theology, character development and ministry skills. These programs have as their purpose contributions to knowledge of theology as well as specific applications of knowledge to pragmatic ministry best practices. They provide an introduction to research at a master’s level and advanced study at the doctoral level.

"The Biblical Languages (BL) element of my M.Div. at Phoenix Seminary (PS) was difficult. Yet, people who do difficult jobs require difficult preparation. The BL program at PS gave me—and gives me—an advantage in textual analysis and argumentation that I employed in my Juris Doctor program at Cornell and employ today as a legal scholar and practitioner."

–Joshua D. Brooks

The eGovernment Fellow of Cornell Law School

M.Div. – Phoenix Seminary 2012

Doctor of Law – Cornell University 2015

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Designed for experienced ministry practitioners, our Doctorate of Ministry is a flexible program designed to increase the effectiveness of those already engaged in church, para-church, local and global ministry. The combination of study and research, 4-5 day intensive residencies, and post-residency assignments allow currently serving leaders to not only continue their work, but to integrate it into their Doctoral program.

AP Master of Divinity (MDiv)

We offer accelerated programs for students that have finished a four-year bible or theological degree in the last five years. This program includes all that our standard MDiv program provides, including 1:1 mentorship and practical service opportunities. However, the accelerated program reduces the credit requirements to reflect the theological training already attained by AP students.

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

At the core of Phoenix Seminary is our Master of Divinity Program, which offers effective and practical learning for leaders in all areas of ministry. Study includes biblical interpretation, theological analysis, church history, and effective use of skills in preaching, church leadership, counseling, and cross-cultural ministry. This is all offered alongside a 1:1 mentor relationship that develops the whole capacity for ministry in the student.

Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM)

The MA program at Phoenix Seminary gives an opportunity for working professionals in both ministry and secular applications to study scripture and ministry skills without the impact of a typical full-time educational schedule. Programs are offered as a hybrid of classroom and online, with our Biblical and Theological Studies degree available as 100% online if desired.

Counseling Programs (MAC and MAM)

Our counseling programs equips Christian leaders to minister to the hurting as vocational counselors in both ministry and non-ministry settings. We provide a strong biblical worldview as a baseline for a real understanding of human needs and relationships. Degrees are available at both the Master of Arts and Master of Divinity levels.

Graduate Diploma

Our Graduate Diploma provides foundational biblical education for support roles or non-vocational ministry roles. Ideal for lay elders or ministry team leaders, this program can also serve as a testing ground of the seminary environment for those who believe they may want to pursue later studies. Credits earned may later be applied toward a master's degree program.