Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal

An Academic Warning* is issued following any semester in which a student fails to earn the minimum GPA required for the program of study, or in which a student receives any of the following grades: D+, D, D-, F, WF, or U. Any student repeatedly on Academic Warning may be required to meet with the Academic Dean, and may be limited in the credit hours permitted in the subsequent semester.

Academic Probation* occurs following any semester in which a student’s cumulative GPA falls below the minimum required for the program of study. A student who has a cumulative GPA below the required minimum for two consecutive semesters must meet with the Academic Dean, and at the Dean’s discretion the student may be limited in the credit hours permitted in the subsequent semester.

If during that subsequent semester the student fails to bring his or her cumulative GPA above the minimum standard the student will be subject to Academic Dismissal* unless significant improvement was demonstrated during that semester. Increasing the cumulative GPA to the minimum removes the probation and returns the student to good academic standing.

The performance of credit students is reviewed each semester after grades are received. To be eligible for federal financial aid, the law specifies that by the end of the second academic year (regardless of how many credits the student has accrued), the student must have a cumulative GPA consistent with the requirement for graduation from the program. Furthermore, if the Registrar determines that a student cannot mathematically finish his or her program within the maximum Timeframe for Program Completion, the student becomes ineligible for aid.

A student who is dismissed for failing to meet academic standards may appeal for readmission after five weeks of the next semester have passed. The student must show that there were exceptional circumstances. Appeals for readmission should be submitted to the Academic Petition Committee.

*Written notification is given by the Office of the Registrar to the student and to the student’s mentor at the time of grade report distribution. In the cases of Academic Probation or Dismissal a notation is placed on the student’s Official Transcript.