Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Course Assignments

All course papers shall be typewritten and formatted according to the proper stylebook, unless otherwise designated by the instructor. Please consult Phoenix Seminary’s Guidelines for Course Papers for stylebook information.

Guidelines for Course Papers

Students are responsible for writing every part of their papers including footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography. It is acceptable to hire someone to check, proof, and edit what you have written.

Class reports, papers and so forth turned in for a grade become the property of the instructor, though in most cases these are returned to the student. Assignments are held for pick-up at the Reception Desk for one semester. Unclaimed assignments are shredded.

Electronic Submission of Course Assignments

Unless alternative instructions are given in the course syllabus or in class, it is permissible to submit course assignments via email attachment (typically .doc or .pdf files) sent directly to the course instructor or teaching assistant. If an emailed acknowledgment of receipt is not issued to the student, it is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with instructor or teaching assistant to confirm receipt of any academic work or correspondence that the student submits electronically. Because the electronic submission of work does not guarantee receipt of such submissions, students are strongly urged to retain electronic and/or hard copies of all academic work submitted via any method in case the work is accidentally lost or destroyed. Additionally, if the student does electronically submit an assignment, they must retain proof of electronic submission with the date of submission (i.e., a copy from your email “Sent Items”). Copies of both the assignment and the proof of electronic submission should be retained at least until the student receives a final semester Grade Report from the Registrar.

Late Paper Policy

Because dependability and industry are virtues of Christian character, the faculty encourages students to be faithful and timely in the completion of all course assignments. All late work will be penalized except in cases of unexpected circumstances beyond the student’s  control, or when prior arrangements have been made with the professor in writing for unusual, unavoidable circumstances. No late assignments will be accepted after one week from their due date unless prior arrangements have been made with the professor.