Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Grading Policies

Course Extensions

In the rare cases of serious illness, family emergency, military assignment, or other extenuating circumstances, a student may submit an academic petition to the Director of Academic Services requesting a formal course extension. A course extension allows the student to complete course work beyond the end of the semester until a newly specified deadline. If the student fails to complete the coursework by the end of the specified period, the course extension will be changed to an appropriate letter grade based on completed course requirements.

Grade Appeals

If a student feels that his or her final semester grade in a given course is not equitable, the student should consult with the course instructor. If the student is not satisfied, he or she may appeal in writing to the Academic Petition Committee. The Academic Petition Committee will confer with the instructor and seek a satisfactory resolution of the problem. The written appeal must be made within the subsequent semester.

Repeating a Course

Students may repeat any course in which a grade of C, D, F, WF, WP, or U was received. When completed, only the last grade will be used in determining the grade point average. The former grades will appear on the student’s transcript followed by an * indicating that it was retaken.

Grading Scale

The percentage ranges are given as guidelines which the course instructor has freedom to modify:

Phoenix Seminary Grading Scale

Grade % Points Description
A+ 100-98 4.0
A 97-95 4.0 Excellent; superior achievement.
A- 94-92 3.7
B+ 91-90 3.3
B 89-87 3.0 Good; commendable achievement.
B- 86-84 2.7
C+ 83-82 2.3
C 81-80 2.0 Satisfactory; acceptable achievement.
C- 79-78 1.7
D+ 77-75 1.3
D 74-73 1.0 Poor; marginal achievement.
D- 72-71 0.7
F 70-0 0.0 Failure to advance in the course. No credit earned. Computed in GPA.
S N/A N/A Sufficient achievement of course objectives. Not computed in GPA.
U N/A N/A Insufficient achievement of course objectives. Not computed in GPA.
IP N/A N/A In Progress (D.Min. only).
NR N/A N/A Not Received. Instructor has not yet submitted grade.
EX N/A N/A Extension. A formally approved petition for course extension.
WP N/A N/A Withdrew from class while passing. Not computed in GPA.
WF N/A 0.0 Withdrew from class while failing. Computed in GPA until retake.
Non-Credit Notations (no credit earned, not computed in GPA):
AE N/A N/A Alumni Enrichment.
AR N/A N/A Alumni Retake.
AU N/A N/A Audit.
EN N/A N/A Enrichment.