Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Periodic Student Review by Faculty

The progress of each student in the MDiv, MABL, MAC cooperative program with Ottawa University and Graduate Diploma programs will be reviewed by the Faculty. Faculty Reviews occur at approximately 15 hours for the MAC and Diploma; 30 hours for the MABL; and 30 and 60 hours for the MDiv. The review is intended to encourage growth in character, readiness for ministry and academic progress, and is based on the Profile of a Graduate (see Student Handbook for this Profile).

The review consists of a report of the student’s progress by the student’s Mentor, input from the student’s church (as needed) and discussion by faculty and administration. Review approval is necessary for the student to continue in the program. A student may appeal a Faculty Review decision by making a request in writing to the Education Committee of the Board of Phoenix Seminary.

Actions Prior to the 15-30-60 Hour Review

  1. Students will be advised no less than 15 days prior to the impending Review via email from the Mentoring Department. The email will include:
    • A reference to the Review verbiage in the Student Handbook
    • A statement that the Review will occur sometime during the next 30 days
    • A statement that all Reviews are done without the student present
    • A statement that a letter from the Dean of Students [DS] will be sent informing reviewed students of the Review results

Actions During the 15-30-60 Hour Review

  1. During each 15-30-60 Review, faculty will come to one of the following determinations:
    • Pass
    • Pass with Concern
    • Pass (remediation required)
    • Fail
  1. For each student receiving anything other than Pass:
    • The faculty will determine verbiage the DS will utilize in drafting each Review letter. The inclusion of positive feedback to the student is encouraged.
    • An appropriate individual will be named who will debrief the student with the concerns of the faculty.

Actions Following the 15-30-60 Hour Review

  1. The DS will review and approve the minutes of the 15-30-60 Hour Review before the minutes are sent to the faculty. In this way, the DS and minute taker will give correct reporting for information that may be legally sensitive.
  2. Students who receive a Pass will have their Review letter sent directly to them within ten days of the Review.
  3. For students receiving a Pass with Concern or Pass (remediation required), the assigned person will deliver the Dean’s letter and go over its contents with the student. If appropriate, the Dean of Students or another faculty member will sit in as a witness. It is important that the debriefing of the 15-30-60 Hour Review be kept confidential, especially the identities of faculty raising concerns about the student. The person conducting the debriefing should rely on the specific verbiage created during the faculty review.
  4. The person assigned to debrief the student will notify the Dean of Students when the debriefing is complete.
  5. Students receiving a determination of Fail will be notified by the Dean of Students directly.
  6. A record of student review results will be kept on file by the Dean of Students. Correspondence to students who are given grades of either Pass (remediation required) or Fail will be kept until the student graduates. In the case of non-graduates, the letter will remain on file until a student has been withdrawn for three years.