Dr. Steve Tracy takes team to Africa


Dr. Steve Tracy takes team to Africa

Mending the Soul

Dr. Steve Tracy, Professor of Theology and Ethics, and his wife, Celestia will be taking a team to Africa this April for their Trauma and Abuse training conferences. The trip will consist of five training conferences during which African pastors and caretakers will be trained in trauma healing so that they, and those they serve, can heal from the atrocities of the recent past. In fact, this spring will mark the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, making trauma a very real and impactful experience for many Africans. Dr. Tracy recently came across the following sentiments in a compelling book by a French journalist, who conducted interviews with Rwandan genocide survivors in Bugesera,

“Before the war, I was fond of school, and had decided to turn away from village life. If the genocide had not overrun us, I might have passed the national exam. I would have gotten my law degree and worn a lawyer’s robes in a private practice in Kigali. But now I am twenty-five. I see only obstacles in my life, marshlands around my memories, and the hoe reaching its handle out to me. I no longer know where to turn to find a husband…I have forgotten the fantasy of love. I see no one anymore who could provide me with tenderness.”


“The genocide pushes into isolation those it could not push into death. Some people have lost their taste for kindness. The woman who has given birth and seen her children killed, the man who has built his house and watched it burn, how can you imagine then getting up empty handed each morning from now on?”


Dr. Tracy notes, “When I read painful accounts like these, I’m reminded of the words the German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote from a Nazi prison cell shortly before his death, ‘only the suffering God can help.’ Apart from Christ, our suffering Savior, we would have little to offer these brothers and sisters—praise God we are able to bring the hope of Christ who understands pain, abuse, and evil because he experienced it fully from the very ones he came to save.”


It is the Tracys’ desire to bring this hope to the wounded that has kept them diligently working on their newest resource, By His Wounds.  Currently there are no other resources quite like this available to the African people and the Tracys are very excited to see its completion, “God has been providing, like morning manna, the provision and help we’ve needed to complete the book and resource, By His Wounds—Mending the Soul for East Africa in time for our Spring Conferences. For the last several months, we’ve had trainers, international partners, translators, professional artists, and editors call or email and offer their assistance in order to complete the project! God’s provided just what we needed right when we needed it!” The materials will be translated into French, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda and distributed at all five conferences.

The ministry team will consist of seven members, including: Steve and Celestia Tracy; Nora Poling; Pastor Christopher Coffman; Shanell Bender; Nicole Larson; and Dr. Karen Fancher, a Multnomah Biblical Seminary professor and Dean of Students, who did her doctoral research on trauma in South Sudan. They will be presenting a biblical and theological framework for healing ministry using the By His Wounds materials. The trip will begin in Juba, Sudan with a training conference for ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries) leaders. This will be followed by a 4-day Mending the Soul Training for the 27 staff, interns, and volunteers at A Perfect Injustice in Kampala, Uganda. This ministry to street boys was founded by the Tracy’s daughter, Abby and is now overseen by Abby and her Ugandan husband, David Kakeeto. Following this conference, the team will travel to Kigali, Rwanda for a 3-day MTS Intensive Healing conference. This will be for African New Life faculty and staff members. There will also be a 3-day training for the women in Esther House, an African New Life home for collegiate girls attending school on scholarships. Finally, they will head to Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a follow-up conference with the caregivers and counselors who were trained last year at the Princess Lost & Found Congo conferences. They will specifically work with the chaplains at Gratia Counseling Centers, a counseling ministry begun by Daphrose Muteho in North Kivu. The counseling centers serve over 10,000 youth a year, leading many to Christ and counseling and discipling youth and families. They deal with juvenile prostitution, abuse, suicide, and other issues every day and see many amazing miracles.

As they prepare for this trip and the several trainings, the Tracys’ prayer is for the “leaders who will be participating in the conferences—that their hearts will be prepared and made ready by the Spirit for the healing work that’s most needed. That these trauma intensives will be both a significant part of their own personal healing but also equip them for the teaching/caregiving they offer to others. ”





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Join us for our first Pastor Praxis event at Phoenix Seminary. The goal of this event is to provide practical resources for all pastors. The event is FREE and we encourage you to take this opportunity to bring your pastoral team with you. You will enjoy a free lunch, obtain practical resources for pastoral excellence and be able to network with pastors here in the Valley of the Sun.

Please register with the form below by Friday, May 9, 2014, to ensure we have plenty of food for all attendees. All pastors are welcome to attend.



When: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 (11am – 1pm) – Free Lunch Provided


Where: Phoenix Seminary (4222 E. Thomas Road, Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ 85018)


Meet our Speaker:

Chapel 2012 Moody preaching

Charles ‘Chip’ Moody, STM, DMin

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Communication
Vice President and Dean of Students


Dr. Moody (DMin-Western; STM-Yale) is passionate about quality preaching to feed the flock of God. He has been a practitioner of the craft for over thirty-five years in church pastorates and as a U.S. Navy chaplain. Mentoring young pastors and ministering to pastors in crisis remains a big part of his ministry, and his passion for expository preaching is well-known among students. He has taught homiletics, speech and rhetoric for Mid-Atlantic Christian University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Arizona Christian University and is a member of the Evangelical Homiletics Society. Dr. Moody has been teaching homiletics and applied ministry for Phoenix Seminary since 2006. Dr. Moody and his wife, Gina, enjoy a legacy of three grown children and several grandchildren and attend Valley View Bible Church where he serves as elder.




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2014 Phoenix Seminary Spring Chapel

hoenix Seminary biannual chapel events are a powerful statement of the Seminary community in worship. Students and spouses from all our constituent denominations and churches praise our Lord with one voice and one purpose—to give glory to our King. Our Spring Chapel was held on the campus of Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ.   Opening with scripture and prayer by host, Dr. Chip Moody, Dean of Students, it featured a seminary update by Phoenix Seminary President Dr. Darryl DelHousaye, followed by a Bible-intensive message by CBC pastor Dr. Tim Savage from the New Testament epistle to the Ephesians. The music provided  by the CBC contemporary worship team was worshipful and reflected the majestic work of God in and through Christ and his cross.  The highlight of our Spring Chapels is always the Lord’s Supper celebrated as one unified community of faith. At this recent chapel event we celebrated the Eucharist in the manner of the Anglican traditional liturgy by one of our Episcopal students, Rev. Matt Marino. Refreshments following worship was the venue for fellowship and reconnecting, sometimes with students or faculty we don’t see much on this semester’s schedule. Our thanks to all who helped us: the pastor and worship staff of CBC, those who assisted in the Lord’s Supper, the hand that helped set up and clean up before and after, and a special thanks to Ms. Tiina Mitchell, Associate Dean of Students, who plans and organizes our chapel events


Dr. Wayne Grudem Named Among Top 100 Remarkable Professors

Theology and Biblical Studies Research Professor, Dr. Wayne Grudem, was recently named as one of the top notable Professors and Scholars in the country by TheologyDegreesOnline.com.  The article, “100 Top Remarkable Professors and Scholars Theology Students Should Know About” was posted on February 12, 2014 and lists top Theology professors in different regions across the country. The professors were selected by the editorial team at TheologyDegreesonline.com based in part, on nominations and recommendations received from the professors’ peers as well as the reputation, volume, and in some cases, unique perspective of their work and publications. Editor Mary Thompson noted, “We hope that [our readers] will find inspiration and motivation in the careers of the remarkable scholars included in this article. We think these scholars set an excellent example for the next generation of theologians.”

According to the group’s website, TheologyDegreesOnline.com  “aims to provide prospective students with a single online resource for finding information about theology and various degrees offered in this field.” Their main readers are current and soon-to-be students in theology programs, many of whom hope to become professors eventually.

The full text can be found here:




Phoenix Seminary hosts Dr. Eckhard Schnabel

Schnabel_EckhardThis past January, Phoenix Seminary was delighted to host Dr. Eckhard Schnabel, the Mary French Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, for a week-long intensive course on “Mission in the New Testament.” Based on Dr. Schnabel’s research, the course looked to the book of Acts to provide an introduction to the missionary activity of the early church in the first century. Dr. Schnabel’s personal missionary experiences in Latin America, the Philippines and Southeast Asia also provided rich insights for the students. In addition, Dr. Schnabel stimulated several of the faculty and teaching assistants with an informal discussion about his current research on the trials of Jesus for a forthcoming book. Some of the faculty noted they were inspired by Dr. Schnabel’s commitment to excellent teaching and a reminder that this flows out of continued commitment to excellent research and scholarship.


Phoenix Seminary’s President’s Forum

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In fact, your story matters so much that Phoenix Seminary is giving you a bit of an incentive just for sharing your story: the chance to win one of two iPad Air tablets. These are brand-new 128GB iPad Air tablets (Gray, Retina Display, Wifi, laser-etched with the Phoenix Seminary logo).


What is this all about?


If you are a current Phoenix Seminary student or graduate we want to hear how God has impacted you through your experience at Phoenix Seminary. Our leadership will evaluate the entries and select the two most compelling stories. The iPad Airs will be awarded to the two individuals whose stories best reflect growth in the following areas:


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Our hope in doing this is to learn more about you, our students and alumni, and also to share your story with others so that they can learn about the Kingdom impact of Phoenix Seminary. Will you help us?


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“Let’s Talk Bible” Audio Files

Welcome to “Let’s Talk Bible with Dr. D!”


As an added enhancement, we are making all of the “Let’s Talk Bible with Dr. D!” lessons available for download in audio (MP3) format. You can download these files and listen to them on any MP3 player. New lessons will automatically be added to this list as they are recorded. The video versions are still available at the published Vimeo site.


Proverbs Lesson 1: Wisdom

Proverbs Lesson 2: Conflict

Proverbs Lesson 3: Prayer

Proverbs Lesson 4: Giving

Proverbs Lesson 5: Fear

Proverbs Lesson 6: Anger

Proverbs Lesson 7: Legacy

Proverbs Lesson 8: Friendship

Proverbs Lesson 9: Purity

Proverbs Lesson 10: Honesty

Proverbs Lesson 11: The Home

Proverbs Lesson 12: Laziness

Proverbs Lesson 13: Kids

Proverbs Lesson 14: The Poor

Proverbs Lesson 15: Living in the Present

Proverbs Lesson 16: Humility

Proverbs Lesson 17: Prudence 

Proverbs Lesson 18: Alcohol





CHIEF – Phoenix Seminary Partnership

video width=”640″ height=”360″ m4v=”http://www.ps.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/CHIEF-Phx-Sem-Med.m4v”][/video

List Courses by Category or Instructor:

Course Descriptions:

TH 570 - Ethics of Business, Work, Money, and Possessions


How can our ordinary work, our use of money, and business activity in general be done for God’s glory? This
course examines Biblical perspectives on work and rest, buying and selling, wealth and poverty, saving and giving, borrowing and lending, employers and employees, competition, the role of money, vocational calling, stewardship, use of the earth’s resources, the role of government, and economic systems.

[2 hours. Instructor: Grudem. Frequency: Rare. General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C. Prerequisite: None.]

Instructor: Wayne A. Grudem, Ph.D.
Hours: 2
Frequency: Rare
Prerequisite(s): None
Required For: General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C.
Syllabus: TH 570 - Ethics of Business, Work, Money, and Possessions Syllabus

TH 572 - Biblical Theology of Law, Politics, and Government


Examines the Bible’s teachings on the purpose of civil government, the kinds of laws a government should make, and how governments should function. Applies these teachings to a number of contemporary political issues such as freedom of religion, the influence of Christians on government, the role of courts, the protection of life, the definition of marriage, just war, immigration, care for the poor, and wise use of the world’s resources.

[2 hours. Instructor: Grudem. Frequency: Occasional. General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C. Prerequisite: None.]

Instructor: Wayne A. Grudem, Ph.D.
Hours: 2
Frequency: Rare
Prerequisite(s): None
Required For: General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C.
Syllabus: TH 572 - Biblical Theology of Law, Politics, and Government Syllabus

TH 580 - Theology Individualized Study


A unique course designed by a faculty advisor and student to develop competence in the area of Theology.

[1-4 hours. Instructor: Varies. Frequency: Any Semester. General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C. Prerequisites: 3.4 GPA and approved Academic Petition. Notes: May be repeated for credit as TH 581 when section content differs.]

Instructor: (Varies)
Hours: 1-4
Frequency: Any Semester
Prerequisite(s): 3.4 GPA & Academic Petition
Required For: General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C.
Syllabus: TH 580 - Theology Individualized Study Syllabus

An individualized study is a unique course which is designed by a faculty advisor and student which permits M.Div., M.A.B.L., and Diploma students to pursue personalized studies to build competence in their area of ministry interest. To be eligible for approval, an individualized study must:

1. Not replicate a course normally offered in the regular curriculum;
2. Have the support of the faculty member who would potentially supervise the study;
3. Pursue defined objectives which are clearly set forth in a course syllabus (created by the student and faculty advisor prior to registration);
4. Be undertaken by a degree student maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4.
Academic Petitions for individualized study should be submitted to the Director of Academic Services no later than four weeks prior to the Registration deadline.

TH 595 - Selected Topics in Theology


An occasional Theology elective offered as the need and opportunity arise. Course content is dependent on the expertise of available faculty (resident, adjunct, and visiting), current issues of academic and practical importance, and overall balance in regard to recent course offerings.

[1-4 hours. Instructor: Varies. Frequency: Occasional. General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C. Prerequisite: None. Notes: May be repeated for credit when section content differs. Past topics include: “C.S. Lewis: Apologist of the Heart & the Head” and “Theology and Practice of Social Justice.” Upcoming topics include: “History of New Testament Interpretation.”]

Instructor: (Varies); Jerry Root, Ph.D.; Robert Yarbrough, Ph.D.
Hours: 1-4
Frequency: Occasional
Prerequisite(s): None
Required For: General elective for all programs except M.A.P.C.
Syllabus: TH 595 - Selected Topics in Theology Syllabus

TH 599 - Theological Oral Examination


This comprehensive exam over biblical and theological topics is typically scheduled during the final weeks of the fall semester in the middle of the spring semester. A panel of two or three faculty examiners will propose to students multiple doctrinal/theological issues, to which the student will respond with reasoned argument using two or more scriptures to support their positions. Additionally, faculty examiners may put forth a ministry scenario requiring similar theological/biblical reflection. The rubric for the oral examination, which lists the topics from which faculty members draw their questions, is available at:


This rubric is also distributed in TH 504 Systematic Theology: A Socratic Approach. All students are strongly advised to enroll in TH 504 Systematic Theology to aid them in preparing for the TH 599 Comprehensive Theological Oral Examination.

[Transcripted non-credit. Instructor: Varies. Frequency: Every Fall and Spring. Required for M.Div. & M.A.B.L. Prerequisite: TH 501, TH 502, & TH 503. Notes: Prior or concurrent enrollment in TH 504 Systematic Theology is strongly recommended.]

Instructor: (Varies)
Hours: Transcripted
Frequency: Every Fall
Prerequisite(s): TH 501, TH 502, & TH 503
Required For: M.Div. & M.A.B.L.
Syllabus: TH 599 - Theological Oral Examination Syllabus