Academic Programs

Academic Programs

New Student Registration

Please read through the following information before you begin selecting your courses. To speak with an advisor for assistance with course selections, contact Lee Richards ( or 602.429.4946). Students in the cooperative Master of Arts in Counseling with Ottawa University program should contact Roma Royer ( or 602.429.4947) for all academic advising issues. Please do not hesitate to call if we can help you think through your plans for the year, or if you would simply like someone to review your course selections.

Once you have determined which courses you would like to take, you can follow the instructions located here to complete the Registration and Payment Processes.

BC499 Graduate Writing Workshop

BC499 Graduate Writing Workshop will be required for all incoming credit students, including non-degree. BC499 is a non-credit, reduced-tuition course offered by the seminary every semester.

Students may be exempted from this requirement by applying for Advanced Standing & Course Validation.

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how many hours I should take?

Use this formula for determining how many hours you should take: for every hour you spend in class in a given week, plan on spending two hours outside of class to complete all your assignments.

Example: If you intend to enroll in 10 hours of classes in a semester, you should plan on spending those 10 hours in class plus an additional 20 hours each week to complete the assignments for those classes.

Students enrolled in Greek or Hebrew should plan on spending three hours outside of class for every hour spent in language classes. This is a rule of thumb only and will vary by student, depending on undergraduate coursework taken (Have you had Bible and theology classes before?), study habits, reading speed, length of time away from school, etc. After your first semester experience you will have a better idea of the course load you can handle. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Lee Richards ( or 602.429.4946) for help.

What if I have had courses in my undergraduate program similar to some of the core classes in my program at Phoenix Seminary?

You might want to consider applying for advanced standing. You may earn up to 8 hours of advanced standing credit toward the MAM degree, 10 hours toward the MABL degree, or up to 15 hours toward the MDiv degree. If your application for advanced standing is approved, your program is reduced by the corresponding number of credit hours (but no grade is assigned and so there is no impact on your grade point average). You must apply for advanced standing prior to your second semester of enrollment. If you have any questions on whether or not this is a good option for you, contact Lee Richards ( or 602.429.4946).

Another option for you to consider would be Course Validation. This option does not reduce the total number of required program hours but does allow you to substitute divisional elective hours for required courses. If you have undergraduate credit in a course that is equivalent to one required in your program here please contact the Registrar to request approval to substitute another course in its place.

How can I access syllabi for my classes before they begin?

Syllabi for many of the upcoming semester’s classes will be posted to as they become available. If a syllabus you are looking for is not posted, it is not yet available and will be posted as soon as it has been received from the instructor. For many courses, recent sample syllabi are available at

When is the next New Student Orientation?

The Spring 2014 New Student Orientation will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2014. Attendance is required for all first-year credit students. The Office of Student Life will send detailed information to all accepted students concerning this mandatory event.

Can scheduled courses be canceled?

Phoenix Seminary reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment.

Additional Information

For important additional information please see the Student Handbook. All students are responsible for understanding and abiding by the contents of this document.

Download or View the Phoenix Seminary 2013-2014 Student Handbook Online

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