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There are several reasons why Phoenix Seminary stands out among other seminaries in the United States. Two of those several reasons are implicit in our motto: “Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart.” This phrase intends to capture two major goals of our seminary: high-level academics and local church ministry. We want students to be scholarly, that is, we train them to know their Bibles well and to be equipped to think theologically. But we also want students to demonstrate the qualities of a shepherd. That is to say, we train our students to think theologically for the purpose of ministry. After all, any good theology is practical theology.

3 Things You May Not Have Known About Phoenix Seminary, things that make us the right choice for your graduate theological education.

Other features of Phoenix Seminary that add value to the students’ experiences include the following:

Theological Oral Examination

Many seminaries require their students to write a master’s thesis on a specific topic. While gaining expertise in a certain area of theology/Biblical studies is useful, it can also be unnecessarily narrow and possibly even impractical in local church ministry.

In view of this, Phoenix Seminary takes a different approach for students who are completing a Master of Divinity. All Masters students at Phoenix Seminary must pass a theological oral examination. This is a 1 hour, oral board where students are asked a number of Biblical and theological questions by a panel of professors. The goal of this exam (and the preparation leading up to it) is that students be well-rounded in their knowledge of the Bible and therefore be well equipped to answer the many questions that they will inevitably face in their lives and ministries). Upon completion of this exam, students are able to push forward in their goal to graduate.

Small size

Phoenix Seminary is blessed to have a small, close-knit community of faculty, staff, and students. This adds value to students’ experiences by connecting them with their professors and with each other. Many of the friendships built among the students at Phoenix Seminary last lifetimes, and many of those friendships lead to healthy partnerships in long-term ministries. Good seminaries strengthen the unity between churches by building bonds between ministers. The friendships you build while you’re in seminary will strengthen your ministry for years to come. The guy who sits next to you in 8 a.m. Hebrew class may someday lead his church to support your missionaries. The couple you meet at orientation may pray for you and your family for the rest of your life. The classmate you study with for a final may someday labor beside you for reformation in your denomination. So go to seminary, devote yourself to reading, and learn all you can from your professors. But don’t fail to invest time in relationships while you’re there.[1]

Quality of Faculty

By virtue of being a smaller school, Phoenix Seminary has the privilege of choosing some of the best and brightest professors who are experts in their fields and Christ like in their character. One key requirement for our faculty is not only that they have academic credentials, but they also must have ministry experience. Because Phoenix Seminary exists to train people for ministry, it is absolutely imperative that our professors have a background in and current involvement with local ministry. This prerequisite creates a healthy classroom environment where the discussion of theology does not remain overly theoretical but instead is practical for Christian living and for ministry.

Online accessibility

In an age when technology is progressing quickly, Phoenix Seminary is working hard at maintaining an edge on non-traditional classes. We offer an assortment of online courses which were previously recorded and uploaded through our student learning management system. This accessibility of online classes enables students to watch lectures and work on assignments from home. Additionally, students are able to search for content, collaborate with their instructors and classmates, take notes, set their own bookmarks and much, much more. This is made possible by a technology service called Tegrity. The result is enhanced learning efficiency, leading to greater academic achievement.


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