Why Seminary?

If God has placed further education on your heart, seminary will bless you greatly and in ways you do not expect. Seminary addresses the very difficult concepts in dealing with God, His Sovereignty, His plan for the world and how mankind fits into that plan.

Christians must guard against the intentional or unintentional “twisting” of God’s Word (2 Peter 3:16). We are called in Psalm 1:1–2 to study God’s Word day and night and 2 Timothy 2:15 calls us to rightly “handle” or “divide” God’s Word. These are serious commands Christians are called to obey; preparation is essential for those planning to enter any type of Christian leadership. Seminary education is the most effective place to learn God’s Word in a deep, consistent and coherent manner. Phoenix Seminary offers a wide range of educational options for those seeking to increase their confidence in handling the Word of God and become more effective in their ministry service.

In general, you should consider seminary if you find yourself desiring to:

  • Learn the skill of accurately interpreting the Scriptures on your own
  • Understand and articulate a systematic theological position and its intricacies in both the OT and NT
  • Understand and explain the great thematic threads from Genesis through Revelation
  • Become an apologist and answer the scientific, philosophical and moral questions of a difficult world
  • Articulate the good news of Jesus to a lost world
  • Lead small groups and teach large groups
  • Encourage, exhort and edify believers in the faith through the Word of God
  • Feed, lead and protect the flock of God from the heretical and cultic influences of the world
  • Develop both men and women as leaders in the local church, parachurch and Christian community
  • Develop an in-depth relationship with a godly mentor who models the life of Christ
  • Cultivate a greater maturity in your Christian walk through a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ