Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find items in the library?

Primarily through using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) through the library home page.  Select the maroon “Library” menu option then click “Resources.” Under this menu option click Online Catalog (OPALS) short for Open Source Automated Library System. Search for items by several access points: Anywhere (keyword), Subject, Author, etc. We suggest students search by typing in one keyword of the author (last name) separated by a space, followed by one keyword of the title to access a known volume. Otherwise a portion of the title or subject is the next best way to search.

Where is the seminary library located?

The closest cross streets are 44th Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix. We are on the bottom floor of the four story building in the first suite to the right as you come in the main doors.

From 44th Street go west on Thomas Road. We are about 1/4 mile on the north side of the street just past the adjacent 3 story garage on the property.

Our address is 4222 E. Thomas Road, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Does the library sell books?

Yes, but only a small number of new and used books. The popularity of online book sales caused us to utilize primarily for student book sales. We published our book list under the menu option “Bookstore” with Amazon links to titles students will need for their course work.

We sell a few faculty authored books and style manuals for convenience to our patrons. We also sell a small number of used books we have removed from the collection. They are removed because of duplication or new editions have been printed–they are usually very good volumes at a very reasonable price that our students can benefit from.

Is there Internet access in the library?

Yes. WiFi access which is password protected (passwords quarterly). We also have 16 study carrels with both power and Internet access via cable for laptops. 4 computer stations in the library are server driven while 2 are stand-alones. All computers have 17″ – 19″ flat screen monitors and Internet access.

How fast are your computers?

We have 4 computer stations that are part of a green technology system called HP Thin-clients.  These are 8 Watt solid state systems that repeat programs stored on our multi GHz high speed server.  The easy access & small Thin-client boxes allow one to enter data through 2 “jump-drive” USB slots. We also have two high speed “stand-alone” computers that have multiple programs installed.  

How do I find a religious periodical for a class research project?

You will need to use either the ATLA Religion link accessable from our “Online Catalog (OPALS)” menu option or utilize the Theological Journals Search link through the “Research and Study Resources” menu option.

Where is the bathroom located and how do I access it?

The bathroom is just west from our suite and beyond the guard station and around the courner. One must check out a key and sign a register.

How do I gain access to an item I want that is not located in this Library?

Through the Interlibrary loan program we have joined, our patrons have access to 267 million items throughout the US and World.

This online system is called FirstSearch, and we can access any item (books CDs etc.) you may select, but we will need to show you how.

You can also choose many sociological or psychological periodicals through the AZ Library Academic Resources link on the Online Catalog (OPALS) site.

Most religious article bibliographies and full text articles can be accessed through ATLA Religion and Theological Journal Search links on our website. Bibliographical records accessed in ATLA Religion that have no full-text articles attached may be accessed in the Phoenix Seminary Periodical Archives. If periodical articles can not be accessed at the Phoenix Seminary site, we will work to find the articles through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system.

How long can I keep the items I check out?

Nearly 4 weeks. You can renew items for an additional renewal period provided no one else has reserved what you have previously checked out.

In most cases, with a renewal, you have nearly eight weeks.

What is the fine on items returned past the due date?

Each item incurs a 25 cent fine per day.