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Are Microchips the Mark of the Beast?

By Steve Johnson | August 17, 2017

Is this chip in the hand really the mark of the beast? Phoenix Seminary professor Dr. John DelHouseaye teaches students to use The Quadriga, which is a fourfold way of reading scripture that is rooted in the practices of the Church Fathers and Medieval Theologians.

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How Does the Bible Fit Together? Three Views

By Steve Johnson | August 15, 2017

Christians have stressed the unity of the Bible for well over a thousand years. The more difficult question has been “how” — how is the bible one story?

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What Is the Deal with Circumcision?

By Steve Johnson | August 10, 2017

We have all probably wrestled with this question: of all the signs and symbols that God could have chosen, why on earth did he have to choose circumcision? What is with all the seemingly unnecessary pain?

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The Phoenix Seminary Faculty Works

By John Meade | August 4, 2017

At Phoenix Seminary, we live our motto, “Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart.” This means that we have a faculty that trains men and women for gospel-centered ministry for the building up of healthy churches in Phoenix and beyond. In 2017, the faculty has labored in countless ways, but let’s try to enumerate some of them.…

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The Cultural Mandate: Two Hendiadyses

By Steve Johnson | June 13, 2017

The Reformed Tradition has long referred to Genesis 1:28 as the “Cultural Mandate” (cf. Francis Shaefer and Abraham Kuyper). Culture, defined by Ken Myers, is “what human beings make of the world – in both senses” — as humans create and interpret they are making culture. This “cultural mandate” is given it’s shape in Genesis…

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