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Home » Semester Book List Buy your books by clicking on the SUMMER 2018 BOOKLIST link, or the link below. If booklists are not available yet, they may not be, because our professors have not made up their minds on when they will finalize their decisions.

For "To Be Determined (TBD) titles, expect a 20 April 2018 course finalized list, please use the course syllabus as the final word. Course syllabi should be completed by 20 April as well. If one is not developed for the course yet, please hold off on your purchases until you check with the course professor.

"Students with Kuns or Booher scholarships will need to obtain receipts for their book purchases and submit any reimbursement requests, with the receipts, to your SSA...

Reimbursement requests will be processed within one week."

If your book order has not arrived by the time your courses begin, students will be able to access required course textbooks as Library “reserve items” while you wait for delivery of your online textbook orders. This allows you to read required pages in the library or make a copy of your reading assignments. (Per copyright law you are limited to copying no more than 1 chapter per book or 1 article per periodical) If you choose to order books online, please use the amazon.comlink for each respective title via our  SUMMER 2018 BOOKLIST above. For every dollar you spend, a percentage is returned back to Phoenix Seminary without increasing your price.

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