Dr. Wayne Grudem Named Among Top 100 Remarkable Professors

Theology and Biblical Studies Research Professor, Dr. Wayne Grudem, was recently named as one of the top notable Professors and Scholars in the country by TheologyDegreesOnline.com. ?The article, ?100 Top Remarkable Professors and Scholars Theology Students Should Know About? was posted on February 12, 2014 and lists top Theology professors in different regions across the country. The professors were selected by the editorial team at TheologyDegreesonline.com based in part, on nominations and recommendations received from the professors? peers as well as the reputation, volume, and in some cases, unique perspective of their work and publications. Editor Mary Thompson noted, ?We hope that [our readers] will find inspiration and motivation in the careers of the remarkable scholars included in this article. We think these scholars set an excellent example for the next generation of theologians.?

According to the group?s website, TheologyDegreesOnline.com ??aims to provide prospective students with a single online resource for finding information about theology and various degrees offered in this field.? Their main readers are current and soon-to-be students in theology programs, many of whom hope to become professors eventually.

The full text can be found here: